pakajam reissue : release date 12th december 2014


pakajam (reissue) will be available on iTunes for the first time from friday the 12th of December 2014.

over the next few weeks we'll be adding some clips and photos that might be of interest to anyone who was around
in 1998... or anyone who wonders what it was like to be around in 1998.

'are you going tonight' was the 1st (well only) single from pakajam and this film clip was made by drew dunn and some of his
film school mates.  the original BETA master version happened to be left in a car that was in fact stolen... so we never did see it in all it's glory...
i recall that this version was pieced together with what was left.

filmed at the temple bar on upper queen street which is where we used to play often.

the black and white studio photos feature michael the young, vernon rive and andrew buckton.
the colour photo is during the filming of the clip with dave white and drew dunn. the other black and white photo is from the tv3 broadcast 'ground zero'.
the clip features some familiar faces from the auckland music scene, a couple of actual actors and the odd last minute ring in.


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