From the recording BS3

Written by Andy Brown
Performed by Basement Spaceman


Sometimes I feel when I watch TV
That every girl is in love with me
But only for three minutes at a time
Every song kind of sounds the same as the one before
But with another name
It’s the same girl but boy can she sing
What was the name of that song?

I dreamt I heard a song on the radio
It sounded so good and it made me go
To a place that I had never been before
I was standing on a hillside looking down
At the sleepy lights of a sleepy town
That I did not recognize at all
What was the name of that town?

When I wake up in the morning from the land of nod
I mumble and moan and I look like a dog
I feel like I have risen from the grave
You see I’m at best real late at night
With an old guitar and a candles light
And a song I love to whisper to myself
What was the name of that song?