Basement Spaceman : The Fire Set 2021

Basement Spaceman : The Fire Set 

‘The Fire Set’ is the 4th album from Basement Spaceman, Melbourne’s purveyor of highway width dreamy pop art rock. Building on the eclectic back catalogue, ‘The Fire Set’ leaves behind any trace of lo-fi sensibility by presenting a layered sonic template, powerful synths, menacing vocals and a library of classic guitar tones. 

The artistic vehicle for Eltham based songwriter Andy Brown, Basement Spaceman brings elements of dream pop, psych rock and unique storytelling.

‘The Fire Set’ is an exploration of primal themes; a spark in the dark that digs deep and demands multiple listens.

The Spaceman’s recent gigs have him sitting somewhere between Neil Young and Yo La Tengo. Performances are interweaved with carefully curated field recordings and unusual audio samples in the spirit of sonic outlaws ‘Negativeland’.

The album will be available on CD, Vinyl, Digital Download and Spotify. 

Release Date : 4th JUNE 2021

19th May : Bar Open Fitzroy (with A Man Called Son)

30th  May : The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar (with Snares And Wires)

26th June : The Edinburgh Castle, Brunswick (solo)

3rd July : Mr Boogie Man Bar, Collingwood (with Snares And Wires)

24th July : The Thornbury Local (Album Release Event : solo)

29th July : Whole Lotta Love, Brunswick (with Snares And Wires)

15th August : The Red Hill Hotel, Chewton (solo)

18th September : The Charles Weston Hotel, Brunswick (solo)




Basement Spaceman is the artistic vehicle for New Zealand born, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Andy Brown. Basement Spaceman’s debut self titled album landed in 2013 and crept its way onto national airways as a feature on ABC’s RN program. The album contained some unusual singles ‘Salaryman’ ‘Sick Of Summer’ and ‘Sexy UFO’ all finding a home on community radio throughout Australia.  

2016 saw the release of BS 2/3 which brought together two EPs. The 1st single ‘Pussyfooter’ was featured on 3RRR’s legendary radio show ‘The Skull Cave’ and once again, community radio around the country was quick to jump on the BS bandwagon.  

Much of 2017 & 2018 was spent writing and recording ‘For Those Afraid Of The Rising Sun’ which presented a departure from the earlier work, exploring a ride through sleep and the shock of waking up.  The 2018 release was a sonic advance and beautifully mixed by Joel Taylor at The Black Lodge and the 1st single  ’Not The Only One’ reached #4 on the Amrap Regional Music charts.

The new album ‘The Fire Set’ picks up where ‘For Those Afraid Of The Rising Sun’ left off but adds a darker, heavier edge. Joel Taylor came on board again at the mix stage and the project was mastered by Grammy award nominee Joe Carra.


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