From the recordings The Fire Set and Bogan Death Machine

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Bogan Death Machine

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Written by Andy Brown and performed by Basement Spaceman


bogan death machine

in the bogan death machine
on the road and in the scene
comes to kill against your will
in the bogan death machine

can you hear it roaring by
fly by night against the sky
super sonic in your face
searching for another race
in the bogan death machine

a donut is another world
spinning out our tyres melt
kissing at the waters edge
watch the ripples all converge

wishing we had gone too far
it doesn’t matter anymore
in the moment we took a risk
we didn’t think of consequence
in the bogan death machine

through the week we must pretend
the highways not our only friend
people don’t appreciate
the freedom to accelerate

when we met we didn’t know
the feelings we could not control
in the bogan death machine
we find out what love really means