back home again...

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to New Zealand. Big thanks to all who came out to see the BS at the Wine Cellar, we had a great time!!! The album is now available in Auckland through Real Groovy Records in Queen Street… so spread the word. The response was so good we're aiming to do it all again next year.

Had a few people ask about some local shows...and yes, they are coming… Basement Spaceman is a slow moving monster..

There are a couple of live gig clips floating around on YouTube and stay tuned for our next official film for 'SEXY UFO'… the special effects will blow your brains out!!

Here's the setlist from Auckland...

Freaky Speaky
Sexy UFO
Sick Of Summer
Country Camper
Outback Star
Are You Going Tonight
Real Good Thing
(She Sings)


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