BS at 'Whole Lotta Love'

Thanks to all who came out to 'Whole Lotta Love' last week for our 'out of lockdown' return... with the limited capacity, we reached our limit pretty quickly so keep an eye out for some upcoming dates if you missed out this time. It was a great night with 'Cyclone Mavis' and 'Mystery Band' both pumping out incredible sets. The 'Mystery Band' turned out to be Dave from Ammonia... excellent purveyors of 'wall of sound, melodic power pop'.... I'm now an official fan!  BS will be back in action at 'The Red Hill Hotel' Chewton on the 14th of August (Solo) and back with the band at 'The Last Chance Rock And Roll Bar' Melbourne the day after, 15th August.... it will be a weekend of BS!!!!!!